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About RMAC

Rocky Mountain Accident Care (RMAC) is a personal injury pain management specialty practice that caters to all of your post-injury needs – we are your Colorado accident doctors. It is important to see a pain physician soon after a collision/incident. Waiting to “see what happens” could delay your healing process. Additionally, it is important to have medical documentation as soon as possible after the collision/incident to establish how your injuries were caused and to formulate a treatment plan that will maximize your recovery.

RMAC specializes in treating injuries sustained in motor vehicle collisions, slip and falls, automobile vs. pedestrian and other injuries. Injuries can include soft tissue (muscular), whiplash, back and neck pain, headaches, concussion and broken bones. RMAC can identify, document and treat your injuries with the most effective and streamlined protocols that get you feeling better and help you navigate your way through the world of personal injury. Our treatment tools range from many forms of conservative rehabilitative therapies to interventional diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.

RMAC is specially trained to deal with personal injuries and they understand how insurance companies handle medical costs. They are experts in personal injury and they are the best at what you need to minimize your medical and financial losses.

Our goal is to do the least amount to get you better, but we do want to get you better. Studies clearly show that patients do the best when integrated multi-modality rehabilitative therapies are used. What that means is that typically you will initially seen by one of our medical providers (MD, DO or PA) for evaluation, discussion and formation of an initial treatment plan.

What Treatments Will You Receive?


Imaging such as X-rays, CTs, and MRIs don’t show us pain, but they can be useful in helping rule out more serious or urgent problems and may give us clues to the origin of the pain.

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Conservative Therapies

Your treatment plan may involve many targeted and tailored treatments including chiropractic adjustments, massage, acupuncture, traction, heat/ice, stretching, core strengthening, ultrasound, interferential stimulation and laser.

Each patient is different so our treatments are customized and tailored to each patient’s needs and progress.


Certain conditions require specialists, such as orthopedics for broken bones, or neurology for a concussion or brain injury. When indicated, we will get you to the right specialist to make sure you get the best care for your injuries. We will also coordinate and integrate with other medical providers to make sure all providers are on the same page and working in a coordinated fashion.

Our Colorado accident doctors will follow and monitor your progress and improvement with standard rehabilitative measures. In some cases we may need to look a little further to find and treat your injuries.

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Medicinal Treatment

This may involve medications, both oral and topical, to, improve pain and function, relax muscles, decrease inflammation, and improve sleep.

Your doctor will work with you to determine the best medicine for your particular needs.

Additional Care You May Receive


There are several reasons that you would need to have a pain injection:

  1. One is relaxation of spasming and painful muscles that occur commonly and often contribute to pain and decreased function. These are called trigger point injections.
  2. Sometimes we need to inject a steroid medication (“cortisone”) into the injured area such as a shoulder, hip, knee or wrist.
  3. Sometimes the initial round of treatments may fail to improve your symptoms in a satisfactory manner, and we need to consider and investigate other potential sources of pain related to your injury, such as the joints, discs or nerves of the spine.



The providers at RMAC always try their best to avoid surgery, but sometimes it is the only way to improve. If a surgery option is being contemplated, we will refer you to the best surgeons to discuss options that may help you improve.

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