In-Home Therapy

Rocky Mountain HealthCare at your door

Physical therapy and massage

Licensed and fully credentialed healthcare providers offer care in the convenience of your home.

Weekend and evening appointments available.

No up-front or out of pocket expenses.

We accept all auto insurances and work with all attorneys.

Our goal is to provide professional, safe and effective care

The therapists will bring a treatment table and any necessary equipment for your therapy.

Sessions vary from 45-60 minutes and are scheduled 2-3 times per week, based upon your treatment plan.

Your therapist will schedule your upcoming sessions with you directly. Monday-Saturday 7 am – 7 pm.

Client Instructions

1. Clear a well lit 6×10 foot region within your home for the therapist to place their work table.

2. Wear appropriate, loose fitting clothing such as shirts, pants, and/or athletic wear.

3. It is recommended 60 minutes prior to treatment to take a warm shower, bath and/or apply heat to the areas of compliant.


    The therapists will NOT be able to provide treatment if:

  • The work space available is in a bedroom, dark, cluttered or dirty
  • Restrictive or inappropriate clothing is worn
  • Appointment cancellations or modifications should be done 24 hours in advance with your therapist, or your account will be charted a partial fee.

Offering convenient and flexible rehabilitation services within your home on your schedule!