Our Physical Therapy Services

Get matched with a therapist and receive 1:1 personalized treatments

Work with the same therapist who’s an expert in YOUR condition for every appointment. Receiving YOUR personalized 45-55 minutes of in-person care means faster recovery in fewer treatments.

Receive care on your time and equipment comes to you

YOUR therapist will deliver PT in person, at your home or work, so getting care is safe and convenient. YOUR therapist will bring a treatment table and provide a mobile kit that you get to keep. 90% of cases don’t need heavy machines. In between sessions, you are able to review the prescribes in-app exercises on your phone or computer.

Heal faster with RMAC’s safe and convenient care

Skip the clinic and have your therapy safely delivered to you on your schedule with no added fees. No traffic, no baby sitters, no crowded clinic, no excuses!!!

Benefits Our Physical Therapy

While there are many benefits of physical therapy, ten common ones are:

1. Pain Relief — With physical therapy, you can significantly reduce pain caused by injury resulting in inflammation and swelling.

2. A Better Understanding of Your Condition — Through physical therapy, you can learn more about your condition and empower yourself to get better.

3. An Active Role in Your Recovery — You can take an active role in your recovery.

4. Improved Muscle Function — Physical therapy improves and maintains muscle integrity and strength by engaging soft tissues in a series of predetermined movements and exercises.

5. Greater Flexibility — You can enjoy increased joint mobility and range of motion that improves quality of life.

6. Stress Relief — When you remove the stress of being unhealthy from your mind and body, you lower your cortisol levels. High cortisol levels have been linked to atherosclerosis, reduced cognitive functioning, hypertension and cardiovascular disease.

7. A Stronger Core — Physical therapy focuses on core stability and strengthening to restore pelvis and back muscle health (whole body support).

8. Less Stress on Joints — During physical therapy, you can learn how to evenly distribute pressure on ankle, knee and hip joints.

9. Relief Without Medication/Surgery — Physical therapy can help you avoid using prescription pain or anti-inflammatory medications or surgery to manage recovery from injury or post-operative complications. A conservative treatment such as physical therapy is not only healthier and more effective, but it is also more cost-effective.

10. Reduced Risk of Re-injury — Physical therapy reduces the risk of re-injury by strengthening and toning muscles, as well as coordination-enhancing activities.

Our experienced and highly trained physical therapists can manage and control painful conditions while promoting musculoskeletal health and recovery.